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In the Context of Eternity

"There are numerous individuals in church unaware that they will give an account of what they've done in their short stay on earth. Many have the erroneous idea that all future judgment is eradicated by their salvation. Indeed, Jesus blood cleanses us from the sins that would have kept us from the Kingdom; however, it does not exempt us from the judgment of how we conducted ourselves as believers, whether good or bad. The judgments or decisions rendered over us at His seat will be eternal; they will last forever, never altered or changed.

"Pause a moment and reflect back to our discussions in the first chapter, when we tried to mentally grasp eternity. James states our temporary life on earth is a passing vapor (James 4:14). This is his figurative way of comparing a lifetime of eighty to one hundred years with eternity.

"If he possessed the mathematical knowledge we have today, he could have been more exact in his portrayal. As a student of mathematics in college, I learned early in my education that anything divided by infinity is zero. 80 years divided infinity (eternity) = 0 or 100 years divided infinity (eternity) = 0 any finite number divided by, or compared to, infinity is zero. It doesn't matter how long you live on earth. Even if you were to make it 150 years before dying; our life on earth is zero compared to eternity. That means as believers in Jesus Christ, everything we do here in this zero window of time will determine how we spend eternity. Remember, where we spend eternity is determined by what we do with the cross of Jesus and His saving grace, but how we will live for eternity in His kingdom is determined by the way we lived here as believers

(Source: John Bevere, Driven By Eternity, pages 186, 187.)

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