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GIVE IT TO THE CAT ----Years ago I received a call from a member to stop on by her house. I could tell by the call that she was fairly shaken up. She was a lady who was quite advanced in years, and was quite wealthy, well, she was phenomenally wealthy. It turns out that granddaughter had stopped by and threatened her. The granddaughter wanted a larger share of her last will and testament. I’m not sure all that was said, but believe me, this woman was quite shaken up.

Now, I made a quick call to a relative of hers who firmly dealt with this granddaughter. Then, I reminded this very sweet lady that when the time came for her last will and testament to be read, she would not be around anymore. She would be long gone. When her last will and testament would be read, this granddaughter would have no real recourse and she would have no ability to threaten or harm her. This realization delighted the lady a great deal.

I went on to remind her that it was her choice and her choice alone about what was to happen with her estate. She could give all the money to one individual or spread the money out to many people, in fact, she could give all her money to her cat if she wanted to.

There was an amazing chance of countenance with this woman. All the fear drained out of her and she met the next week with her attorney. She expressed her choice, and her choice would not be changed by anyone, even a nasty granddaughter (who by the way was no spring chicken). Some time later, the granddaughter would receive what she deserved and don’t worry, the lady didn’t own a cat….though she did have a dog.

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