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I have a video tape of my favorite basketball player of all time. His name is Larry Bird. The name of the tape is “Winning Basketball”.

The tape is all about the various skills that are needed to be successful at the game of basketball. It’s sort of an instructional video to make the viewer better. At the same time it shows how Larry Bird excelled at each of the needed skills.

There are great scorers in the NBA and college. There are great rebounders. The league and colleges boast good defensive players. Some are outstanding dribblers. Others can jump so high their game is played above the rim.

Each of those skills is important. But the best players are those who combine those ingredients. They excel at each of the areas. They don’t settle for being a good shooter. They work at all aspects of the game. Combining each of the skills.

If we focus on God’s grace and ignore the other ingredients, our life will be out of balance. Like a home with 3 walls, or no roof. The five “G’s” we’ve talked about are materials that make our house complete! And they make our life extreme!

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