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The penny is an interesting piece of metal. The price of the metal within the penny actually is worth more than its assigned value. And to top it off, the penny is almost worthless at least in terms economic buying power. You can’t get anything for penny nowadays. I can’t think of anything. Anybody? I don’t know what value you assign to yourself but I certainly think that my thoughts are worth more than a penny. As your thoughts are too.

I think it might have been Ben Franklin who said, “A penny saved is a penny earn.” However, considering inflation and the cost of goods today, a penny saved in a coffee can for a year is probably a half penny lost.

In fact, it seems that it is not even worth the effort to pick up a penny on the ground. There have been times when I have dropped a penny and I didn’t both picking it up. Anybody else?

But God convicted me recently. I read a story about a guy who picks up pennies because he wanted to honor God. Since the penny says, “In God we trust, all others pay cash.” Ok, you know what it says. He felt that to disregard money that is on the ground even a penny is to dishonor God and the words that say, “In God we trust.”

My conviction came not to imitate him for his reasons, although I thought they were very honorable. God seem to speak to me through his example that especially if I dropped that penny then I was dishonoring something that God has given me. I had assigned the world’s value to something God had provided me and I was discounting the blessing that God had given me. By leaving a penny lay that I had dropped, I discarding something God had blessed me with. Were there other blessings that I discounted? By leaving that penny lay there, who was I saying that I trusted in?

This is not this. When it comes to finances and debt, who do you trust?

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