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You ever heard of the game show lets make a deal? Let’s play it for a minute.

Suitcase #1 you have the entire world all the people possessions, money, power.

2. You can do anything you want, have anything you want, live anywhere you want, travel anywhere you want.

3. Sounds pretty good, but you only get to enjoy this for 70 maybe 90 years!!!

Suitcase #2

1. Eternal life, eternal joy, all the answers to life’s questions.

2. A chance to meet the one who created you—formed you & built the universe, a body that feels no more pain sadness, death, no more war, lying, killing cheating

3. A world were you can leave your door open and no one will steal, enough food for eternity, countless worlds to explore, a worlds filled with all manner of wonder.

4. You can see touch and interact with all the animals in person that have become extinct, the lion will lay down with the lamb, animals will have no fear of you will not fear them. You will have nothing to fear.

5. THE LORD WILL BE YOU ONLY GOVERNMENT- A world with a perfect legal system, financial system-all relationships will be perfect—You can talk to angels—loved ones who have passed on in Christ—everyone who has gone before (in Christ)….

But my greatest joy will be to sing, laugh and dance with the one who made it all possible Jesus Christ the King of the universe and all other universes!!! Because JESUS LOVES ME that’s right little ole me and little ole you!!!!!!!

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