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How wonderful for children to have parents who are truly "in the Lord." They will be able to honor such men and women, thus activating the promise mentioned in verse 3.

Nancy’s Grandparents took her Grandfather’s mother into their home and cared for her when she could no longer take care of herself alone. Then, they did the same for her grandmother’s mother in turn.

When Grandpa Robert McKeen was in his fifties, in the late 1940s, he began to have angina pains regularly, and soon suffered a heart attack. In those days, there was precious little to be done for such heart patients. He prayed to live long enough to see his daughter Gloria grow up to womanhood.

When I met him more than 25 years later, in 1974, he would tell of how God had kept him going all those years. He retired well past 65, and lived to see several of his great-grandchildren.

Nancy and I know that his life was supernaturally extended as he and his wife honored their parents and extended practical love to them. As for Grammie Theo who was his partner in all this, she was 96 years of age on the day she finished her cup of tea, laid back, and went to be with the Lord.

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