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The aspect of perfect obedience has perplexed and troubled many. Why is it that the one who sins greatly is condemned like the one who is much less sinful? Take a situation of three workmen on a building. One workman got so engrossed in his work that he wasn’t paying attention, stepped back and with that one extra step, fell to his death. His co-worker who was welding, seeing his friend stepping back that one step called out and accidentally put his torch to his acetylene tank and caused a great explosion that killed him. The last worker who was the foreman, was so distressed at seeing the two deaths that he purposefully took his own life. Looking at the end of these three: One died intentionally one was grossly careless and one just took one step too many. What was the result of each of them? Death. So is the eternal result of just one failure to uphold the perfect standard of God’s moral law without a perfect mediator.

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