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I don’t know about you but I was here at 9:30 this morning and when I came to open the door I didn’t see a line of people waiting outside for me to open the door so they could come into God’s house and worship. A when we gathered to study God’s word there were less than ___ in Sunday School class.

Never once was I in danger of getting trampled to death by folks wanting to hear and learn the Word of God. And I don’t think I was alone I don’t suppose there was a pastor at least in the United States that was in any danger.

Have we lost our desire for God and traded his wonderful gift, the birth of his one and only Son Jesus Christ for a cheap imitation?

Christmas has become the Holliday of savage shopper, will to kill for the killer deal!

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    Who wants God to love them and act towards them halfheartedly, as an after thought. No we want Gods full attention and commitment to our well being. Well God wants doesn't want to an after thought in our lives either.

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