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Do remember the Rosetta Stone from history class in school? What was it? It was a tablet that was discovered that allowed archeologists to translate ancient, Egyptian hieroglyphics to modern-day languages. Without the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, all the ancient history and wisdom of Egypt would have remained a mystery forever. Can you imagine what our record of ancient civilizations would be like without the records of one of the greatest civilizations to ever walk the earth? Just think of how much we’d be missing out on without the help of the Rosetta Stone to translate that ancient, unknown language.

Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language? It’s pretty tough, right? But you still had a textbook or a teacher or a software program to help you learn it, right? What if you didn’t have any of those things at your disposal? And what if you were trying to learn a language that no one else in the world spoke, too? It would just be hard to learn, it would be impossible, right?

Guess what? Apart from Jesus coming into our world, we can never understand God’s plan. Without Jesus, we can’t decode the translation of God’s mysterious plan for redeeming our lives. Without Jesus, we can’t even hope to speak God’s language of salvation. Without Jesus, the riches of experiencing God and knowing his heart are forever sealed away from us.

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