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We must share the Gospel: Dr. Martin Neimoller was an outstanding German pastor during the time of Adolf Hitler's reign. Neimoller was sent to prison for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before being sent to prison Neimoller had a 30 minute visit with Adolf Hitler. Hitler tried to persuade Neimoller to join his forces and turn from the stupidity of Christianity. For thirty minutes they discussed philosophy and the ideology of Nietzism. Neimoller would not give up his living faith in Jesus so Hitler sent him to prison.

Years later Neimoller was released form prison. He testified he had visions that haunted him. He dreamed that he saw Hitler standing before the judgment seat of God and Neimoller was standing off to the side watching the panorama of events. In his vision he saw Christ turn to Hitler and say, "What is your excuse for all your crimes." In reply Hitler says: "No one told me the...

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