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Pastor and author Warren Wiersbe draws our attention to the 51 references of the writer (psalmist) to himself, his interests, desires, feelings, questions and plans. Wiersbe advises that a healthy antidote to depression is to stop looking at self and look at God; second, to look to the past as a tool only and focus on the future; then, to hope--the answer to depression is hope; and finally, to stop searching for reasons and start resting on promises.

If your doctor told you how your leg was broken and what he had to do to fix it, the thing that would get your attention most and give you encouragement is when he says, "The cast will come off in six weeks." When it is driving you crazy with the weight, and the clumsiness of taking a bath, and the itch that you can't scratch, you're remembering that it comes off in six weeks! In your "doubt storms" when you can't get up, stop looking for reasons and look to the promises.

From Dale Pilgrim’s Sermon "When You Can't Get Up"

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