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Golf pro Lee Trevino met a fan in a coffee shop. The woman asked him to sign a napkin, but Trevino refused, saying he knew she wouldn’t keep it. “So she pulled out a $5 bill,” Trevino recalled. He said, “I wrote a nice little note in the margin and signed it. Thanking me profusely, she said, ‘I’ll treasure it for the rest of my life.’ ”

But later, he said, "Paying my tab with a twenty, I got that five back in change.”

That lady talked like she was sincere, but her actions betrayed her. And our actions sometimes betray us or perhaps portray us as not what we say we are.

ILL.- If I said, for example, that I was a St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan, what would you say? OH YEAH! PROVE IT. My TV viewing might not back up my words. Now if you said to my cousin and her husband, Charles and Colleen Vanlandingham, "are you Cardinal fans?" There would be no question about it. Why? Because every spring they make a trip to Florida to watch the Cardinals in spring training. Charles is a die hard Cardinal fan, which he doesn’t hide.

From Steve Shepherd’s Sermon “Tis the Season to Worship Christ”

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