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John Wesley: Desired personal holiness, but felt like a failure.

A serious man speaking to John Wesley, "Sir, you wish to serve God and to heaven? Remember that you cannot serve him alone. You must therefore find companions or make them; the Bible knows nothing of solitary religion."

Wesley's "Holy Club" was mocked by calling them "Methodists." Preaching the Gospel and class meetings were the key to the Methodist revival.

There is no such thing a secret Christianity (keeping secrets) - it must be obvious. The heart of the church is community in Christ – if we do not have community, we do not have a church.

The church has become so enamored with a lust for crowds that we forgot the discipleship is a personal, intimate experience of a few. Howard Snyder, former pastor and missionary, seminary professor said, "Church growth enthusiasts sometimes neglect to ask what the church really is. In two thousands years, the church has...

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