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I had a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary who had an ongoing feud with a professor at another institution. My professor would argue that the universe is well thought out and therefore life is not random and so life has great meaning. His nemesis would argue the opposite, that the universe is random, therefore everything is random, and so life has no meaning. This debate went on endlessly for many years until that fateful day on the campus of Oxford.

My professor was driving a rented car through campus of Oxford and to his surprise he saw his nemesis on the other side of the street walking right toward him on the sidewalk. My professor saw the opportunity and drove into opposing traffic, up on the sidewalk and drove his car right at the other professor, who dropped everything and dove off the sidewalk. As my professor drove by his foe laughing he shouted, "I suppose 'that' was just a random event."

Since the professor jumped out of the way, his avoidance was intentional and not random; therefore everything is not random.

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