Sermon Illustrations

The first section,(at West Point Military Academy) was studying the time-space relationship later formulated by Einstein as his Theory of Relativity. The text was complex and, some cadets were unable to comprehend it, one young cadet committed the pages to memory. When he was called upon, he solemnly reeled off almost word for word what the book said. The instructor, Colonel Fieberger, looked at him somewhat quizzically and asked, "Do you understand this theory?"

It was a bad moment for the young cadet, but he did not hesitate in replying, "No, sir." You could have heard a pin drop. The cadet braced himself and waited.

And then the slow words of the professor came: "Neither do I, Mr. MacArthur. Section dismissed."

Gen. Douglas MacArthur in Reminiscences recalling a strategy he carried out while at West Point. (Changed to third party)