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I am reminded of the story about how a cowboy ventured right off the range one Sunday and attended church. This was a fine church; one of the town’s best and most influential. And the people wore suits that even Armani couldn’t afford.

The problem is the cowboy walked in with work boots, dust on his jeans, and a good old-fashioned sweat ring around his old straw hat. And as he walked into the church, he instantly became the object of stares and frowns.

After the service, the pastor was out by the door hob-knobbing with the local aristocrats when the cowboy walked by him. The pastor took him aside and told him that if he wanted to come back to this church, he had better go ask God how he was supposed to dress!

The next Sunday, the cowboy came to church again. And he was dressed just like he was the previous Sunday. The pastor saw him come in and went over and demanded to know if he had prayed as instructed. The cowboy said he did go to God about how to dress in this church. The pastor asked him what God had told him. The cowboy said that God didn’t know because He couldn’t ever remember being in this church.

(From a sermon by Bruce Ball, "Here I Am To Worship")

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