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We recently watched a DVD about prestidigitation. It was called The Prestige and was based on the idea that every illusion has three acts. The first act is "The Pledge" where the magician shows you something very simple and ordinary, though it rarely is. The second act is "The Turn" where something that seems extraordinary or impossible occurs. The third act is "The Prestige" where order is restored and, to your amazement, all is well.

Of course, that describes the nature of stage magic, but I think Peter has used the same kind of showmanship here to depict the divine reality of Jesus as God’s Son. YOU put Jesus to death, charges Peter—the pledge. GOD raised Him from the dead—the turn, but you’ve had to take "our" word for it until now. NOW, you’ve seen the power right in front of you as Jesus’ presence, power, and authority has healed this man to perfect health, the prestige. But Peter isn’t content to leave these observations as part of a sideshow, he wants them to remember for a purpose.

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