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Emil Mettler was a restaurateur in London who was a close friend of Albert Schweitzer. Mettler would not allow a Christian worker to pay for a meal. He once opened his register in the presence of a Secretary of the London Missionary Society. The Secretary was astonished to see, among the bills and coins, a six-inch nail. What was it doing there?

Mettler explained, "I keep this nail with my money to remind me of the price that Christ paid for my salvation and of what I owe Him in return."

Quote from Lee Davis, former head of Stewardship Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention: "Every tangible response is based on an intangible commitment. Right living and giving are Christian virtues to be developed. They are not automatic. First there is a commitment of life to Christ. Then comes the commitment to be a Christian steward.

A commitment of stewardship recognizes that God is the creator, giver, and owner of your life and resources. It is a predetermined choice to honor God before another day comes, before the salary is earned, or possessions are acquired. The temptation to be an unfaithful steward is foiled before it is conceived.

A commitment of stewardship determines the style and standard of our living. It influences how we view our new life in Christ as we stand in the midst of a community, nation, and world needing to know Christ. Stewardship commitment also determines how we see material things, whether as symbols of security to be grasped or as resources to use and enjoy and with which to minister.

There are many dimensions to a commitment of stewardship. What is evident, however, is that at some point it must be expressed in a sustained and tangible way. That is why regular giving to God through one’s church is so important. Giving money can be an outward expression of the inward commitment."

(From a sermon by Dave McFadden, "What Should I Give?" 1/13/2009)

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