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1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Paul said run to win as if winning is everything. It is, but not in the sense that you find in the sports arena. Running to win only makes sense if you’re chasing the right prize.

My daughter, Jen, has a fur-ball with whiskers named Fred. Fred will chase anything that moves. If you have one of those little laser lights that shines a red dot on the wall you can keep Fred occupied for months! He chases the red dot, jumping in any direction you choose. I have seen him go three quarters of the way up the living room wall with fire in his eyes over that little red dot.

Now Fred is jumping and running to win, but he’s chasing an empty prize; every time he gets his paws on it, he’s got nothing! A lot of people are like Fred, chasing after things, money and the next dazzling light that comes along…empty!

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