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Two months after the tragic accident that claimed the life of his five-year-old daughter Maria Sue, Steven Curtis Chapman appeared with his wife and three oldest children on CNN’s "Larry King Live" Aug. 7 to testify to the solid hope believers have in Christ.

One of the most pressing questions King wanted to ask was whether Chapman lost his faith at any point during the ordeal. "You know, at that moment, I’ve got to say, Larry, I mean it was--I was crying out to my--to my Father," Chapman said. "I was crying out to the guy that I know as my Heavenly Father."

Chapman told about a discovery he made in the hours after the accident that has provided comfort in the days since. "Maria had the morning of the accident drawn a picture of a flower and had written a word that she had never written before. She knew how to write her name, that was all I had ever seen, and maybe ’I love Dad’ or ’I love Mom,’" Chapman said. "But she had never written any other words. And when she first died, Caleb and I especially kept saying if we could just see, if we could just have a dream--something, God--we’d believe it. If we could just see something that would tell us that she’s OK.

"And the day after the accident, we went home to get some clothes for the funeral, for the memorial," he said. "Sitting on the art table was this little picture that Maria had drawn the morning of the accident. She had drawn a six-petaled flower, and only one petal was colored in. We have six children. Only one is whole now, we believe, in the arms of Jesus. She wrote the word S-E-E," he said. "She wrote the word "see." And she had never written that before. She was saying, ’See, I’m good. I’m OK.’"

(From a sermon by James Bohrer, "When God Applies the Board of Education to the Seat of Knowledge" 1/14/2009)

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