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A lady was out hitting all the local garage sales when she came across an old needlepoint picture that read, "Prayer Changes Lives." She bought it, took it home and began to look for just the right place to hang the new picture. Finally, she decided that it went well in the dinning room over the dinning room table.

With great pride she admired her garage sale discovery and could hardly wait to show it to her husband. That evening when her husband arrived home from work, she showed the picture to him, but he made no indication one way or another of his likes or dislikes of the new picture.

The next day as the lady was cleaning the house, she discovered that the new picture was gone. As she continued to clean the house, she discovered the picture behind a bookcase. She thought, "That’s strange," and re-hung the picture in its original location. The next day, to her dismay, she discovers the picture gone again and again discovers it behind the bookcase.

When the husband arrives home, she confronts her husband and asks him if he is displeased with the art of the needlepoint, to which he responds, "No, not at all, it is a great work of art."

She continues, "Is it the place? Do you not like the place it is hung?" He says, "No, not at all. It is in a great location."

She concludes that it must be the message, and she asks him if it’s the message that he doesn’t like. He says, "No, not at all, the message is great."

Finally, she says, "Then what’s the problem?" He says, "I just don’t like change."

(From a sermon by Ajai Prakash, "The Horeb Experience--Opportunity to Change" 1/15/2009)

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