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George W. Truett was the beloved pastor of Dallas’ First Baptist Church for more than 60 years. He tells of a woman who came to him after a service. She was a poverty stricken widow with several children. She said, "Pastor, I have never known you to be unfair -- yet you were so in your sermon." He inquired as to why she felt that way. Her reply, "You said during your sermon that everybody can win someone to Jesus. Certainly you can’t mean me. I am a poor widow. I work long, long hours just to squeeze out a living for my children and me every day. I cannot entertain, or spend time winning souls to the Lord. I can barely exist. You are not fair in your speaking when you say everybody can win someone."

Truett replied, "Madam, does anyone come to your house?"

She said, "Yes, a few -- the mailman, the milkman."

Truett ended the conversation, "Then you do have an opportunity. You simply have not tried."

The woman went home troubled and thought about the conversation most of the night. By dawn she heard the milkman at her front step. Convicted, she threw open the door, and greeted the man. As they exchanged small talk, the woman was nervously trying to think of some small word to put in for the Lord -- but the milkman turned to go. She began to close the door, but threw it open again. "Come back," she asked. He did so, and she said, "I wanted to ask you something, but I have been afraid. May I ask you a question?" He agreed. Stumbling, she began, "I just want to know if you know Jesus. Have you been saved?" He looked at her with incredulity, "What in the world made you ask me that? Oh, woman," said the milkman, "I didn’t sleep at all last night worrying about my soul. Do you know how to find God’s light?" In a short moment, she was sharing with her new friend how to come to Christ.

[George W. Truett, A Quest For Souls, (NY, George H. Doran Co, 1917), 58-59. From a sermon by Russell Brownworth "Part One - Tenth Hours" 1/19/2009]

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