3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Our family pet dog, Avalon, was a beautiful rottweiler and she was a good dog. She loved to follow me around. When I would come home from work she would get all excited – wagging her tail with glee. She would rush towards me while snorting with anticipation and celebration. Avalon loved to be close to me. When I would call her name, Avalon would look up through her dark brown eyes with an expression of “Where are we going? or “What are you going to give me?” She enjoyed companionship. No matter where I would go she wanted to follow! .

But, when a cat, squirrel or rabbit would come into our yard she would quickly bolt out after it. No time to think, off she went like a bolt of lightning. Avalon would chase it as fast as she could without regard to where it was leading her. After her unsuccessful romp she would find herself separated from her master and without a prize.

Have you experienced that scene with your pet? Christians are also far too easily led down the path of deception. They leave their Master and bolt out after the things of this world only to find themselves separated from God and without a meaningful purpose.

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