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True story. My father, in the early 1950’s was a salesman for the mouthwash Listerine. He did OK. But, there was one man, Laramie, who sold the stuff like crazy. Laramie sold more Listerine than all the other salesmen put together.

One afternoon, my father asked Laramie for some advice on selling Listerine, In the process he found out that Laramie had never even tried Listerine. My father asked, “Laramie, how can you sell something you never tried”, and through a bit of persuasion my father got Laramie to try Listerine.

Laramie took a big swig of Listerine from the bottle and immediately spit it out shouting, “That’s horrible stuff, how can anyone use this stuff?” Laramie’s sales then plummeted. He could no longer sale what he didn’t believe in.

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