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This week, we finished remodeling our old house and started moving into our new house. But last Monday I threw my back out while working on the house. I was frustrated and hurting. But the pain was not as bad as the feeling of not being able to finish my tasks which what I wanted to finish on the house. I was also frustrated, because I had to move this week and my back was shouting to me – along with my wife – "You can’t lift anything!"

For those who know me I like to do things myself--I was taught by my dad to rely on no one and to get the job done yourself. So occasionally I battle my ego of "Self-reliance." So I must admit I am stubborn so I kept trying to work and all I did was just kept hurting my back worse – and worse.

On Saturday I had to finish this sermon in the morning due to some unexpected things which happened last week. So I came in Saturday morning early, by a certain time I knew that people were already moving my house--it bothered me, no it was more like a little macho man hitting me over the head in my office with a hammer shouting at me, "You wimp – forget the sermon go move your house - be the man – show those people you can do anything- even in pain."

In the midst of the battle with the little macho man ego, I heard a calm, gentle voice in my heart say, "Mike what is your sermon about this week?" By the way, I have come to recognize that voice as the Lord’s. I re-read my title and my thesis: Teamwork! The still small voice of wisdom and reason said, "You at this point in your life cannot physically move yourself--your back is injured--but I have sent you a God Squad, a team to help you move." I sat back in my chair and the light bulb clicked on!

That small inner voice then reminded me that, as the Sr. Pastor of this church, I too would be unable to complete the divine task God has for this church alone. I am only one person – one part of piece of the puzzle, and the Lord was reminding me that He did call me to the task of leading this church into becoming a church that facilitates healing. But in my own abilities, I was and am limited. In other words, I would come to points of ministry here at Christian Hills where I would be unable to accomplish the divine task on my own. The reason being limitations--these would be troubling...

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