3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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If you commit yourself to taking advantage of opportunities that come your way, you will find that sharing your faith is going to happen naturally. For one thing, People WILL ask you about your connection to God.

We had two examples of this just in the last few weeks from people in our Pueblo group. One woman has a neighbor who has been asking her all kinds of questions about Christianity. The neighbor is a Muslim, and she sees something in the life of her neighbors that makes her curious to know more.

Another person in our group mentioned that he’s had a lot of interesting conversations about God with someone he works with. The guy doesn’t seem very receptive, but he keeps asking things. The other day the guy asked him, "How come you’re always in such a positive mood?" He said, "You know I can’t answer that question without talking about Jesus Christ. He’s the reason."

Notice that these folks didn’t come by my office to ask their questions. They didn’t call any of the other ministers here at our church. When God’s Spirit moves in their hearts, your neighbors and friends and co-workers are going to feel comfortable asking YOU.

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