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We talk a lot about serving and worshiping Jesus. But to be able to serve Him, or worship Him, we must know exactly who He is and what He offers. Here is the Jesus I know:

···· Jesus is Christ. He is the living Son of the living God.

···· He is the First and Last, the Beginning and the End.

···· He always was, He still is, and He will always be

···· He cannot be moved – changed or defeated

···· He was hurt so He could bring about healing

···· He died so that He might give life

···· The world can’t understand him

···· The world can’t defeat Him

···· The world can’t explain Him

···· Although the world tries to, it cannot ignore Him

···· Hitler couldn’t silence Him

···· New Age religions try, but can’t replace Him

···· Oprah tries to dismiss Him but her audience dismisses her

···· Jesus is the fulfillment of God

···· His ways are right and His word is eternal

···· His will is unchanging, and His mind is on me.

···· He is my Redeemer,

···· He is my Savior

···· He is my guide,

···· and He is my peace!

···· He is my Joy,

···· He is my comfort,

···· He is my Lord,

···· and He rules my life!

···· I serve Him because His heart is focused on ME!

···· He will never leave me, nor will He ever forsake me

···· Every time I fall,

···· He picks me up

···· And every time I ask

···· He gives me forgiveness

···· I am His, and He is mine!

···· The devil is stronger than I am

···· But He is no match for my Savior

···· He said it – I believe it – and that settles it.

···· I love Him - because He first loved me

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