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Four masked men came in with assault rifles screaming at the preacher and members during the worship service. They said that anyone who would deny their faith could leave safely, but the pastor had to stay and face the outcome.

Silence fill the church, and finally, one after another people, began to rise from their seats and move to the exit. The church was now less than half full. The gunmen check one last time to see if anyone wanted to leave. Some people were sobbing, some praying, and some looking steadfastly at the cross with eyes filled with tears. They were ready for what was to come.

The men slowly lowered their rifles. The leader who gave the instructions gave one last command. "Preach on preacher! Here are your real members." The men left quickly without anyone knowing who they were. The stunned people looked at each other and all of those empty seats.

Is yours a commitment or contentment?

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