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I was talking to a man a few years back, and he told me how he used to have a farm and how he had tried to grow different things to make money. Well, one day he said he hired a young guy to mow his lawn ,but he explained to him that he had just planted about fifty Christmas trees on the lawn, and he said he’d have to be careful so he wouldn’t mow over them.

Well, he said it was obvious later that this guy wasn’t really listening, because all he wanted to do was to get the job done and get his money. So, he went to town, and the guy did the mowing. As soon as he was finished, it sunk in what he had been talking about,

because he realized he had mowed down all of the Christmas trees.

So he had a problem, but rather than telling the owner what he had done and risk not getting paid for the mowing, he found a roll of Scotch Tape and gathered up all the little trees he had cut down and taped them all together. From a distance, they all looked normal. And the owner said, "Everything looked good for a couple of days but then they all turned brown."

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