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Charles Spurgeon said, "Everything is wonderful until you get used to it."

I remember the first time I ever saw an automatic transmission in a car; I thought it was amazing but, unless we ordered it now, we’d never even see a standard on the lot.

I remember the first time, I saw a microwave, and a man took a piece of stale bread, put a few drops of water on it, and it was just like it was fresh made in thirty seconds later--and now, very few homes are without one.

I remember when the Beatles were on the six o’clock news, and it wasn’t because of their music but because they had long hair. Today those four would be considered neat and clean.

And then I remember when the first remote control for the television came out, and it had a really long wire. Now it’s completely wireless. One night I couldn’t find the remote, and I thought I might as well go to bed because I couldn’t remember how to turn the TV on.

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