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A man was out on walk when he saw another man about to throw himself from a bridge into the river. He ran over to save him. "Why do you want to kill yourself?" the man asked. "I’ve nothing to live for."

"Don’t you believe in God?" "Yes I do." "What a coincidence--so do I! Are you a Jew or a Christian?" "A Christian."

"What a coincidence--so am I! Protestant or Catholic?" "Protestant." "What a coincidence--so am I! Anglican or Baptist?" "Baptist."

"What a coincidence--so am I! Southern Baptist or Independent Baptist?" "Southern Baptist." "What a coincidence--so am I! Premillennial or amillennial?" "Premillennial."

"What a coincidence--so am I! Pre-tribulation rapture or mid-tribulation rapture or post-tribulation rapture?" "Mid-tribulation rapture."

At that, the first man pushed the suicidal man into the river shouting "Die heretic, die!"

(From a sermon by Jason Jones, "The Second Coming of Christ" 1/26/2009)

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