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One of the things that our church does is that we give out new socks to some of the homeless men and women. You walk around and sleep here and there, and even if you take care of yourself and shower, your socks get dirty. When you’ve been wearing probably the same clothes for several days in a row and those socks get stinky and filthy--believe me, the last thing that you want to do is pick up one these socks that used to be white, but are now blackish gray and have literally just been peeled off of someone’s foot like a banana. And there is no way you will get that sucker clean again. Heck I wouldn’t want the thing in my washing machine.

Yet, David knows God can make him clean again. God can make him like new. A Genesis week--it's a chance to be completely and totally new. A fresh start. Revelation depicts a scene where millions of people are worshiping God whose robes are pure white. They are the faithful. They are the ones who follow Jesus and the ways of God and don’t quit and don’t give up and don’t walk away from God or God’s people. No more death. Resurrection! No tears. No suffering.

These white robes were not new robes that replaced soiled ones that were cast off. These robes aren’t handed out like new pairs of white socks. They have washed and cleaned by Jesus. They are made white by his blood. They are washed in his blood and come out white again. They come out pure because of his death.

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