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Now Simon has a point. This woman although not specifically pointed out as a prostitute very likely was one. She was kissing Jesus’ feet at the dinner table, no less. Ritual purity especially with meals was a huge issue for Pharisees. Her hair was down, which could indicate a woman of questionable character. And she was anointing his feet with perfume. In the culture of the day, this could have been viewed as a very, very erotic situation. This was sort of like a lap dance. If you don’t know what that is, good. Just be assured, this woman was acting inappropriately. It would have been like a woman that was wearing a bikini coming down and sitting in Mark’s lap right in the middle of the service. I don’t think Terry would be the only one who would be having a problem with that.

Hugely inappropriate except for a ginormous thing: she was crying. She was broken. Her tears are a clear indication that something else is happening here

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