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Most of us have never been to Nisswa, Minnesota, but I, for one, would like to go there someday. And when I go, I need to plan to stay over for Wednesday night. Not that I want to go to church there (Sorry about that, Chief!). No, the reason I want to visit Nisswa is for the Turtle Races. Every Wednesday in the summer people come from Nisswa and the surrounding communities to particiapte in Turtle races.

Bif, the announcer, calls the turtles to their mark, gives them the "GO!" and the crowd goes wild! People stand, jump, and wave their hands in the air, imploring their turtles to do what is most unturtle-like. The excitement grows and finally reaches a boiling point as the preliminary winners line up for the final heat. Amid unrestrained shouts and cheers, the first turtle across the line wins its trainer the award of $5.00 and a turtle necklace.

And some people get upset win Christians get a little excited in church!

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