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Adoniram Judson clearly was appointed by the Holy Spirit to minister the Word of God to the heathen. He reached Calcutta in the summer of 1812, ready to preach the Gospel, however was given orders to get out. He was saddened and could not understand how an effectual door opened should be so quickly shut.

Later, with a determined heart he returned to India, only once more to be kicked out. With a heavy heart he left Madras and fled to Rangoon, a missionary field of which Judson referred to as being a disgusting or dislikable place. Missionary Judson was allowed to stay, only to find bondage and imprisonments.

By July 13, 1813 he moved to Burma, there to find a door open for him to learn the Burmese language. He already knew Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. After finding a tutor, for three years he spent 12 hours per day learning the Burmese language, and it was four years before he held even a semi-public service. By 1823, ten years after his arrival the entire New Testament was translated into the Burmese language.

A.J. Grodon wrote, “Adoniram Judson was led of the Holy Spirit to go to Burma to translate the Word of God into the Burmese language, a work that has now seen over thirty thousand conversions to Christ.”

(All the information regarding Adoniram Judson came from Knights Treasury of 2,000 Illustration and Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia)

Christians who are led of the Holy Spirit will in due season find a work open to them, just as Peter and Adoniram Judson enjoyed. Christians who are led of the Holy Spirit enjoy revelation and illumination, thus praying to completion the work set before them.

(From a sermon by Terry Laughlin, "A Peter Revelation" 2/11/2009)

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