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A mother kept a candle burning in the window every night for ten years. One night, very late, a poor wretched woman came in from the street. The aged mother said to her, "Sit down by the fire."

The stranger asked, "Why do you keep the light in the window?" The old mother replied, "That light is for my wayward daughter. She left home ten years ago. I am praying for her return. I have kept a light in the window for ten years! Others often blame me for worrying about her, but, you see, I love her. I am her mother. Often, in the night, I open the door, and look out into the darkness and cry, 'Lizzie, Lizzie!'"

The woman from the street began to weep. The aged mother looked closely at her and said, "Why, how cold and sick you seem! You must have trouble enough of your own!"

Then suddenly the mother exclaimed, "Can it be? Yes! You are Lizzie! My own lost child! Thank God that you are home again!"

--The Wesleyan Methodist

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