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Let me just say that when in my mother's house, you do not have to worry about ever moving if you don't want too. I grew up not doing anything around the house. Oh, I worked outside some but my mom was a perfectionist and still is, so we kids never had to do anything because we exploited her desire to have everything perfect. Once we did it wrong a time or two, she took over from then on. Still that way today. I don't think she has ever caught on - OR, could it be that she just likes doing those things? I have my suspicions. The times I have mentioned it to her she would just smile and remain silent. You know how strong willed Marlene is, well, it took her about 3 years to finally get Mom to allow her to load the dishwasher after Thanksgiving dinner, and now she allows the girls to help out with the cooking, serving, cleaning, etc. But the guys? (BIG SMILE HERE) Nothing! Now don't misunderstand. Once I got married, Marlene made sure that she changed all that. My times of expecting her to do everything around the house lasted about two days. She gave me time to recover from the black eye - oh, you know I'm kidding, But seriously, Marlene taught me the value of helping out.

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