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The day after the wedding, we had to drop Luke off at Moody. Right in back of the visitor’s parking lot was a Pakistani cafeteria. A real dive, but dives often have the best food. I ordered my favorite, goat; Luke had fish and Marylu and Hannah- chicken.

As I was standing in line, the small eating area was filled with Arab men in white hats. One went to a Mic, I think, and began chanting an afternoon prayer to Allah.

Those men there were sincere, they were devout, they were religious, but they were not born-again; they were not part of the New Covenant, not because they were particularly bad or worse than anyone else. But they simply did not know the true God.

We do not have to leave Christendom to find such examples. We have plenty of them within the evangelical church, and have had a number of examples of this here at HPC.

Is God real in your life? Is He active? Are you being transformed? Do you desire to know God better? Are you spiritually alive? If not, my prayer is that God will give You a heart that seeks Him.

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