Sermon Illustrations


Larry Crabb tells the story of a man he knew that attempted suicide. His injury was so severe that he should have died, but he recovered and sought out Dr. Crabb for therapy.

The two had been meeting together for some time. They covered a lot of ground. Dr. Crabb uncovered what he thought was keen insight into the man’s pain, and he seemed to agree. One day Dr. Crabb was driving and saw the man talking with a friend and felt compelled to pull over and say hi. So the three sat and talked and laughed and shot the breeze for a half hour or so.

When their sessions together were coming to a close, there was considerable healing and the man had been restored to a place of wholeness, Dr. Crabb asked him what he thought the turning point was. He expected to hear about powerful, life changing insights that were uncovered and discussed. Instead the man pointed to the day that Dr. Crabb sat with him and his friend and just visited. And perhaps his willingness to sit down and take an interest in his client outside of the office made his counseling more effective .... but something happened that day ... they rested in the presence of one another, they shared life .... they connected. The power of Christ was released and there was healing.

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