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Chuck Swindoll:

In the fifty chapters of Genesis Joseph’s life story takes up one-fourth of the chapters. His life can be divided up into three sections:

• Birth to Seventeen Years (Genesis 30:24-37:2)

o During this time Joseph’s family was is transition-everyone was unsettled, on the move. A low-level antagonism was brewing as his family clashed and argued in jealousy and hatred.

• Seventeen to Thirty years (Genesis 37:2-41:46)

o This second segment occurs as Joseph reaches young manhood. It seems as though his life becomes out of control. Enslavement, unfair accusation, and imprisonment assault him.

• Thirty Years to Death (Genesis 41:46-50:26)

o Joseph’s last eighty years of prosperity and reward under God’s blessing. He had the classic opportunity to get even with his brothers, to ruin them forever, but he refused. Instead he blessed, protected, and forgave.

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