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It makes a difference who your leader is! When we were kids going on summer vacation, I don’t ever remember my dad getting lost. -- But Eric Ritz writes:

When I was a young boy, our family always vacationed together. It was my mother and father and five kids in an old Ford Falcon station wagon. I was always so thankful that my mother sat in the front seat with a map, because my Dad couldn’t get out of a parking lot without getting lost.

My Dad didn’t have a good sense of north, south, east or west. I was always thankful for those highway signs which would say "Route 80 West" or "Parkway North" to assure my Dad we were going the right way. I only wish they could have been 100 yards apart.

Eric Ritz added:

In the state of Texas, there is a place where you have the choice of taking five different roads in a matter of moments. A sign cautions motorists to choose carefully. That place in Texas represents life. We have so many roads to travel, so many groups and organizations wanting our love and loyalty. We need more guidance and shepherding than we have ever needed in our spiritual pilgrimage.

(Source: Adapted from sermon "A Soul Restored" by Eric Ritz - Psalm 23:1-6. From a sermon by Rick Crandall, "The Shepherd Psalm" 6/28/2009)

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