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God wants us to be concerned about other people. And one of the best ways we can show our concern is by giving them testimonies about Jesus.

One of my all-time favorite teachers was Don Wilton. One day in class, Dr. Wilton told us about getting to serve on Billy Graham’s team for a crusade in Korea. Dr. Wilton told about sitting on the platform one night during the invitation, -- right next to Billy Graham.

Dr. Wilton couldn’t help notice that during the invitation, Billy Graham started looking down at his fingernails. And he thought, "I can’t believe Dr. Graham is so unconcerned about this invitation that he would be studying his nails!"

Don was getting a little huffy on the inside, if you know what I mean. But just then, Billy Graham pointed to one of the Korean ladies who had come forward to talk to the counselors. And Billy said, "Do you see that lady? -- She did my nails today, and I was able to lead her to the Lord."

That’s the spirit and habit we need! -- Looking for opportunities to tell more people about Jesus. It can help them for all eternity, and it can lighten our burden along the way.

(From a sermon by Rick Crandall, "A Psalm for Troubled Times" 6/29/2009)

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