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Once, when I was in the seventh grade, my dad, my brother, and I were traveling from Oak Ridge, TN to Jellico, TN.

My dad was going to preach, and I was going to play

the guitar and my older brother the saxophone.

We got into a discussion, I will never forget.

Dad is a student of the English language and his

vocabulary far exceeds any one I know.

Dad ask us, ...

"What is the hardest to say word in our language?"

I knew the answer right away?

It has to be.....

Supercalafragalisticexpealadoist, 33 letters,

I felt so smart, I solved the problem before my

older, who’s who brother!

Dad said, "No, that is not the hardest to say

English word. Besides that is not a real word."

Well, I was not as smart as I thought?

Charles Edward, my older brother,

pondered a while, and he came up with the answer,

praise God for smart people!

Eddie said the largest real word in English was:


26 letters.

He is so smart, he even knew it’s meaning.

The largest real word means people that are

against establishing churches.

Well, dad did not agree with us.

Dad said big words could be easy to say if you

broke them down in syllables.

We rode on down the road, pondered,

what could the world’s hardest word to say be?

Finally, dad ask us did we give up?

We had no choice, then wisdom flowed like a river.

Dad said, "Sin is the next to hardest word to


He went on to explain, when we break the heart of

God, we made...

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