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Jesus confronts all those misconceptions and says you can pray, this is how you do it (“Our Father”), and God does hear you. God is not out to punish you or play tricks on you by giving you poison when you need and ask for food. You don’t have to jump through all these man-made hoops. Ask, seek, and knock.

As a young man Chris received a lot of speeding tickets before he turned eighteen and then after. One day he received a notice from the DMV that stated if he received one more speeding ticket, his license would be suspended a year. The notice also suggested that he go to the DMV and meet with one of their psychologists.

At the meeting, Chris responded to a comment about the large number of tickets, “Everyone gets speeding tickets.”

“That’s not true,” the psychologist said. “The average person gets only one ticket every four years.”

Chris was amazed. He actually thought that everyone was just like him and got speeding tickets all the time. His misconception was challenged and he changed. So it was as he believed. If you believe God won’t answer prayer, your actions will show it. If you believe God is not trustworthy and is an angry, vengeful, or petty god, then your actions will show it. If you believe that God only answers prayers of certain people, your actions will show it. If you believe God is not concerned about what is in your best interests, then your actions will show it.

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