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Now frankly, you know as well as I do when we want to solve a problem, we are not always the best at it, and sometimes by trying to solve a problem we just create another one.

I love the story Reader’s Digest told of some men who were laying carpet in a woman’s living room. After they had completely laid the living room carpet they noticed a lump right in the center of the carpet. Well, the man reached in his pocket and noticed his cigarettes were gone and he assumed they were his pack of cigarettes. There was no way he was going to lift the whole carpet just for a pack of cigarettes. So he went out to his truck, got a 2x4, and he pounded that thing flat - so flat that you could not see one single thing. He was excited to no end that he had solved the problem. But you can imagine how terrified he was when he looked over on the sofa and there was his pack of cigarettes. But you can also imagine how terrified he was when the woman of the house walked into the room and said, "By the way, have you seen my parakeet?"

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