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Claiming that suitable behavior towards Christ’s ontological significance, according to Joseph Parker a 19th century English preacher, is paramount, and he wrote, "There are other men who do not come to worship Christ; who simply come to speculate upon Him…such patronage they offer the Son of God! It makes me sad to hear how they damn Him with faint praise. What I dread among you is not that you will destroy Christ, but that you will patronize Him. Jesus Christ is nothing to me if He is not the Savior of the world…You will know what Jesus Christ is most and best when you are in greatest need of such service as He only can render. No man can entertain an opinion of indifference regarding Jesus. If he has considered the subject at all, he must worship Christ or crucify Him. Where there is earnestness in the inquiry or the criticism, that earnestness ends in homage or in crucifixion." So if Jesus is only man than crucify Him, and so they did but since He is God He did not stay dead so pay Him homage.

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