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I’ll never forget an experience I had with my son Ethan.

When Ethan was about 2 years old, he had been playing and had fallen and cut open his chin. It was bad enough for Nicole and I to take him to A.I. DuPont Hospital for children. After the doctors examined his cut they told Nicole and I that because of where the cut was located they were going to have to restrain Ethan’s arms with a little jacket.

I’ve never forget that moment as long as I live. They laid Ethan down on that cold hospital table and began wrapping him up in that little jacket. As he felt it tighten around him he looked at me and began to cry, "Daddy, help me. Help me."

As they began stitching his cut back together, he was so brave. And as they were working on him he just kept crying "Daddy, help me. Daddy, help me." I felt like my heart was going to rip in two every time he wimpered or cried. I felt absolutely helpless.

As I sat there a thought flashed through my mind. It said, "This is what God had to go through with His son. God watched helplessly as His son was crucified." I thought, I could never have done that with my son. I would never have given him up like that.

But God loved you and Me just as much as He loved His own Son Jesus.

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