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A young boy was called to the principle’s office. Waiting for him was his teacher. “Son, you are in big trouble. You cheated on this reading test and we have to punish. Cheating will not be tolerated,” said the principle. The boy was being a very good steward.

“Nuh uhh. I didn’t cheat,” replied the boy.

“Yes you did. The proof is right here on the test. You copied off Johnny’s test. You put the same answers down as him,” responded his teacher.

Thinking as fast as he could the boy said, “Johnny cheated off me.”

“No, the proof that you copied off Johnny is right here on the test,” she said as she pulled out two tests and put them in front of little Richie.

“On Question four which asked what Sally did at the park, Johnny wrote down, ‘I have no idea.’”

“And on question four you wrote, ‘neither do I,’”

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