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I was pumping and finally my friend Sorin said, “You know Ovidiu, I don’t think there is any water left down there… Oh yes, still there but deep down… And the good thing about the water that is deep down at 50 feet underground, is this: the deeper the water - the purer, the sweeter, the cooler and the most refreshing thing in the world…

Friends, is it not true with our life, is not the same law assigned by God our Creator, in our lives? Is it not true that if you become an MD, a doctor, in only six months of evening classes, or over the Internet classes, the reward is minimal and how many patients will trust you as their doctor?

… “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can learn to do it well” (Zig Ziglar)We will never know how many kids will miss the opportunity of a college scholarship because they didn’t study an average of 10 more minutes a day…

We will never know how close we were to a genuine experience with God, to a real high level Bible study experience, finding the Scripture the most exciting thing in the world, only because we become discouraged to soon, become bored to soon, and we quit exactly before experiencing the joy… We will never know how much success we have had in life, in ourrelationship with our spouse, with our children, with our neighbors in telling them about Jesus, in our Christian experience… if only pumping for a little bit more, a little bit harder…

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