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Deacon Wives author Diana Davis writes about Angie and her commitment.

Let’s take a look at Angie. She loves her church and is committed to its ministry. She considers herself to be a faithful worshipper. If you take a careful look, however, you’ll find a few gaps in Angie’s faithful attendance. Oh, each absence has a justification, but somehow they’ve begun to multiply. For example, her office asks her to work on Sunday but only a few times each year. She would never allow her children to choose athletics as a priority over worship, but her son did make the all-star team, and her daughter just joined a traveling team. Her family reunions are, of course, on Sundays. When her family was blessed with a new home this year, they were too tired to worship God on Sunday. Her recent out-of-town guests didn’t bring clothes for church, so she missed that Sunday. Mother’s Day she spends with her mom and Father’s Day with Dad. Two weeks of vacation takes three Sundays. Then there’s Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas, Memorial Day and July 4 weekend, and a couple of three day weekends. An emergency day, sick...

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